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Strategic Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments – Transformational Plans & Programs

Effective cybersecurity strategy requires three elements to be successful, all under the umbrella of real CISO experience:

Deep understanding of the business, its goals, drivers and challenges

Practical learnings from deploying cybersecurity solutions in many contexts

Precise execution, with integrity and respect

Who Are We

About Us

Allan Alford Consulting was launched as a boutique cybersecurity consulting practice at the end of 2019, with the intention of helping organizations to accurately understand their cybersecurity posture, and to efficiently implement and manage security programs and projects.

In 2023, Jay Adams came on as partner, and the company changed its name to Alford and Adams Consulting.

The practice is kept small, bringing in a hand-selected team of subject matter experts only as required, to forge long-term relationships with each client and to intimately understand and fulfill each organization’s unique needs.

Beware impostors.  Choose a firm with real-world CISO experience in a variety of verticals and contexts.

Companies Served / Partnered With


At our core, we embrace team effort as the cornerstone of our approach, recognizing that collective efforts yield greater results.


We constantly seek innovative and streamlined solutions to achieve your goals effectively.


We continually evolve and adapt to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.


We foster a culture where every voice is valued, and diversity of perspective and experience is celebrated.

Why Choose Us

Our Core Values for Industry Leadership.

Without real understanding of business, no cybersecurity plan can possibly succeed.

Your information security program should move at the speed of your organization.

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Years Experience

Allan Alford

CEO of Alford and Adams
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Years Experience

Jay Adams

President and CISO of Alford and Adams

What We Do


Strategic Information Security Consulting

A cybersecurity maturity assessment is only the beginning. A strategic plan with budget and headcount forecasts is vital to your success.

Fractional CISO/vCISO

We can manage the execution of your strategic cybersecurity plan. Real-time reporting to all levels of the organization completes the picture.

Interim CISO & CISO Coaching

We can fill any gaps in your cybersecurity leadership or uplift your head of security. We can also assist with permanent placement at no charge.

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CISO team

Gain confidence with our experience

Expert Team

Allan Alford

CEO & Founder

Jay Adams

President & CISO, Founder

A strong bench of CISOs

Ready to serve you!

Alford and Adams Vision

To empower and protect the working world via sound cybersecurity plans and practices.

Alford and Adams Mission

To provide the working world with practical and useful cybersecurity capabilities, in support of organizational objectives, without excessive overhead, and with experienced and disciplined execution.


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What Clients Say About Alford and Adams

“Alford and Adams Consulting delivered a comprehensive analysis and 3-year plan on time and under budget. The plan provided our client the vision, milestones, planning and tools necessary to succeed in their cybersecurity maturity goals as an organization.”
“We have strengthened our product security posture, as well as our corporate security posture, all delivered with a very high energy, high accuracy approach towards addressing our cybersecurity needs.”
"Thanks to Alford and Adams Consulting, we have achieved our first SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 letters of attestation - both with zero findings."
“Alford and Adams Consulting are premier experts both in assessing the cybersecurity maturity of a given organization, but also in establishing strategic plans and roadmaps for these organizations as well.”
“Alford and Adams Consulting have helped us greatly to shape our product lines, representing the CISO perspective to our product management, engineering and product marketing teams.”